Code of Conduct

NJOY ARTS Terms & Conditions

By joining any course at Njoy ArtsTM, All students agree to all the following terms and conditions of Njoy Arts (the Institute):
  1. The payment to institute for joining course constitutes the contract between the institute and student.
  2. Njoy Arts (the Institute) will make every effort to ensure each course is delivered as advertised. However, the Institute reserves the right to modify course content and materials as required in the interests of continuous course improvement and/or academic obligation. The Institute also reserves the right to make reasonable changes to course start dates, end dates, timetables, and course location. Students will be given sufficient notice of any such changes.
  3. A minimum requirement of Intermediate Certification (10th + 2) as academic education from any board in India is needed for enrolment in any of our courses. Special enrolments are in discreet to management decisions and thereof.
  4. Course fees are not refundable or transferable except in case of material breach by the Institute or in the absolute discretion of management. The course starts right from the student enrolment date and ends exactly covering the entire course duration as per batch completion date. Students are allowed to take maximum of 4 well informed consecutive leaves and if any student takes more than 3 leaves without providing any information to the Institute then the Institute reserves the right to cancel the student enrolment. Any deferrals to the course caused by a student will lead to cancellation of student’s enrolment. The Institute reserves the right to charge administration fees from students with cancelled enrolments to rejoin the same batch the student enrolled initially.
  5. As we work on batch of maximum 5-6 students therefore to track batch status last joined candidate will be considered for end date for the program timeline of the batch. This is to keep in best interest for all students, so that no one suffers time denial from institute behalf. In condition to dropout of candidates to less than 3 students in batch it might get batch slower for adding more students to same timings or be rescheduled to new timings with discussion for merging with another batch in this case batch might suffer duration. Kindly make you batch cozy and play as team like in offices in learning so timely training may be maintained.
  6. Every course will be arranged with several topics followed by certain projects, once done with the base topic projects must be created and obtained, furthermore if there are issues immediately relay same to instructor and get it cleared. Once moved with software/ technology it will be considered accomplished. Forthwith if project is not completed no post training assistance / job assistance will be provided. (A good portfolio is what it takes to be professional.)
  7. Total duration of each session is 1 hour & 30 minutes. Out of which 45 – 60 min session is for training, 30 min for practice and furthermore QnA sessions. It is faculty discreet to go for longer durations up to full session duration if needed. In such cases QnA will be assisted with extra time in hand or postponed to next session beginning.
  8. For sessions it is suggested to be 5 min early than to be late. Sessions will start within usually 5-10 min from slot time. All students are requested to leave the premises post session with calmness and let other sessions to be conducted without disruption. For extra practice time everyone must get approval from faculty/in-charge and no assistance must be asked from faculty other than in your QnA duration as it hampers other classes. No outside work other than practice will be entertained. And job assistance can be claimed post course or topic finished required for respective task complete discretion of assistance depends upon finishing the projects as advised during the course.
  9. As we do job assistance as well as post training assistance for all our students forever it is strictly mandatory to finish projects & tasks suggested during the course failing which we cannot provide the same assistances. Any student who has issues later can always come back to us and we redeem assistance. Therefore, any negative statements in public without coming to us for resolve will be considered breech and may formulate legal actions for demeaning institutes hard earned effort of quality retainment.
  10. Our training methodologies are proprietary under NjoyArtsTM therefore, for revelation or discussion in public by any of our students giving away in any sense will opt for legal suite costing from 1Cr. To 5Cr.
  11. With great depth to add into our training there are video tutorials, notes, website references & many referential documentations are suggested for clarity in self learning. Therefore, these are to be followed properly and questions to be asked over QnA sessions. Avoiding such practices will make you lose great deal of perfection as well as control over technologies. These are planned to assure your multiple practice assistance will not suffer lack of faculty during practice time or at home. Remember key to success in computer is to practice more.
  12. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, or if insufficient student numbers are enrolled onto a course, the Institute reserves the right to cancel any course prior to commencement. Refunds will be provided accordingly to any enrolled students in this case.
  13. The Institute will arrange backups for maximum 1 well informed leave per month during entire course, further cover-ups may charge extra fees. The institute reserves the right to decide the number of backups and its duration to be arranged according to the situation. The institute will not be held responsible if the course syllabus doesn’t finish on time due to excessive leaves or lack of practice.
  14. The Institute reserves the right to expel or suspend any student from all or part of their course in cases of unacceptable conduct. Breech of Moral code of conduct like inappropriate dressing, foul language, disrespect for oneself or for others, foul language, inattentive behaviors, mischievous expressions, or gestures is completely unacceptable and that institute will take strong actions against same.
  15. The Institute reserves the right to modify course prices from time to time (other than a course already contracted by the applicant); the website generally contains the most up to date information.
  16. Due date for fees payment is 7th for each month with 2 days grace period on prior information basis. Balance of fees on all full-time courses must be paid in full month advance or installments are to be paid month advance as agreed unless alternative arrangements are agreed in writing with the Institute beforehand. A per day Rs. 200/- will be charged as fine to maximum of Rs. 4400/- for late fee payment after due date also reserves the right to restrain from attending sessions. The Institute reserves the right to cancel the enrolment and allocate the place to another applicant in case of non-payment of course fees.
  17. The Institute may charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other applicable taxes additional on the fee amount in compliance with State / Central Government Tax laws and rules accordingly.
  18. The Institute cannot accept responsibility or liability for death or personal injuries except for those resulting from the Company’s negligence or breach of duty. It is the responsibility of the student to always ensure adequate protection when using electrical equipment.
  19. The Institute shall not be responsible for students’ belongings, including personal equipment, whilst on the Institute premises and so cannot in the absence of any negligence or breach of duty by the Company or its servants and agents be held liable for loss, damage, or theft of said belongings.
  20. In addition to these terms and conditions, students agree to abide by policies and procedures as set out in the Institute student handbook /or website terms & conditions /or via notices displayed on the Institute premises from time to time.
  21. Students will be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the Company’s property however caused by them and will indemnify the Company against any resulting liabilities and expenses.
  22. We offer successful referral perk sum of Rs.1000/- for our students, for this you need to discuss beforehand joining of the candidate. Post joining referral perks is discretion to management and may not be settled in most of the cases.
  23. This and any other agreement between the applicant and the Institute shall be governed by the laws of India. All legal issues will be held under Delhi Judiciary System only. Please see our website,, for information regarding promotional offers, copyright, and privacy policy.